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Envitop Ltd specializes in environmental research and product development.

Our specialty is the utilization of municipal and industrial waste materials and side streams.

Our main services include geotechnical and chemical designs and the quality control of earthworks projects.


Research and development since 1995.

Our special fields include waste material processing, stabilization treatments of contaminated soil, geotechnical engineering, development of reactive materials, and industrial wastewater treatment.

Our customer base consists of wood processing, metal and mining industries, waste management plants, contractors and municipalities

Our own products include reactive materials for water treatment, wastewater nitrogen recovery plants and sludge drying solutions.


• Research of waste and industrial by-products and their modification for reuse and safe disposal

• Material research

• Geotechnical design and quality control services

• Stabilization treatments of contaminated soil

• Stabilization treatments of hazardous waste

• Design of solutions for nutrient reuse

• Treatment processes for industrial waste

• Sale of reactive materials